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Custom Websites

HAM digital has developed a long history of building and supporting custom website design and development. We have experience in Digital Design (hugely different from Graphic Design), User Experience (UX) Architecture, Custom Development and coding in all forms (SQL, PHP, Linnex etc).

Our pricing in this space is unmatched as we have built our business on low overheads, and efficient staff. For a website outside the square you can be assured that our Return On Investment is second to none.

We have developed a solid process for building custom website that provide an easy to follow process providing valuable insights, customer demographics, opportunity and competitor analysis – And we do all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

Through this process we work alongside our clients to ensure all requests, requirements and goals are met.

The Essentials Website (starting from as low as $1000)

We understand that not everyone has the budget for a custom website, well not initially anyways. So we have developed a wealth of knowledge and capabilities in providing suitable basic website frameworks across all industries. Although this format of web development does not have the same ROI as a custom website, smaller businesses can still have great functionality and web presence using one of these basic frameworks (think of it as an online business card). And it means you will have more budgets to advertise (driving traffic to your website).

As a basic template you will have access to these main pages and options for design (Homepage, About Us, Services and Contact Us) as well as a choice of the following additional pages for a small additional investment (Blog, Testimonials, Gallery, Additional Resources, etc.). Ask us if you haven’t seen what you need and we will be happy to provide additional information.

Custom ERP / App and Program Development

We started at the heights of App Development in the Digital space. Having worked with several major brands we have developed and marketed a number of user and business apps over the last 5 years.

This capability has led us to also work with clients that require something more than just a great website. Whether it be integration into a HRIS, CRM or building a complete ERP we have the expertise to assist you.

As this sort of service is usually completely custom and built around your needs, not bandaids of mixed and matched solutions, it is usually best if you give us a call and we can help you brainstorm this project to take your business from strength to strength well into the future.

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