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In the world of Google it is not only important to understand what visitors to your site are doing (Google analysis’s these statistics as part of SEO) but also the reach and authority you have across the web. Our SEO team has over 16 years experience in understanding the 230+ algorithms Google uses to determine why one website should rank higher then another.

Using best practice White Hat SEO techniques we are able to drive quality traffic to your website generating high quality leads. As part of this process we monitor and analyse all data ensuring we respond very quickly to market changes, visitor trends and provide valued recommendations for new opportunities as they arise.

It is important to understand that ranking highly on Google searches is an ongoing process. There is no doubt that your competitors who rank highly have engaged in some sort of Search Engine Optimisation. Before we provide you with an idea of ROI it is very important for us to use our several systems to discover what we are up against and what we need to do to make sure Google gives your website authority above all others. SEO is not an overnight success (see our Google AdWords and Paid Advertising page), but the long term investment has the highest ROI against any other form of online marketing.

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