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How to pick your Digital Agency

How to pick your Digital Agency



Any business decision should be made on results shouldn’t it? For those out there who buy on Price I put it to you this way – If you told me you wanted to spend $10 and I could offer you a ROI of $15, but if I also told you that if you spent $12 your ROI would be $20, would you spend the extra dollars? If you answered Yes now you are buying on results not price.


The digital advertising industry is such an unregulated one, and these days anyone with an internet connection and a computer is offering Web services.


But how do you compare apples with apples?


Here is some of my tips.


  1. Has your provider invested time in understanding your business, industry and competitors?
  2. Has your provider shown you they understand your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats?
  3. Did they ask you what your end goal is?
  4. Have you been shown a strategic plan?
  5. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.


“Yes Sir you will get whatever you want for $500” – when in reality for $500 you get a $500 solution – not the $5,000 solution you need. Business in general, and certainly Digital Advertising doesn’t work that way.


All too often I hear from prospects who bought on price and tell me their website is not working. I can sympathise with you because it is so difficult to determine which Digital Agency is the best for you, but please note that this does not mean I will discount our service by what you spent with the wrong provider previously.


Imagine it like this – Hi Mr Dyson, I bought a vacuum for $100 and it doesn’t pick up any dirt. I think I need your $1000 vacuum but can you please sell it to me for $900 because I spent $100 with your competitor” – What do you think Mr Dyson would say, and now you have a $1000 solution for $1100.


I never hear people talking about KPIs in the digital space, and this does concern me, because those who learn and understand their clients should easily be able to estimate an ROI (the Agencies who will put their hand on their heart and say this is a realistic estimate of what we can achieve for your company, this is how much it will cost, and this is the timeframe we expect to achieve it in) is precisely the agency you should choose – after all isn’t this what you are paying them for – RESULTS.


Something to watch out for is those who say “Yes we offer packages” – packaged solutions don’t work because every business is unique and there is no one solution fits all. If you are buying on priced packages then you must understand it is what it is and you get what you pay for.


If you are reading this and haven’t had your Digital Agency provide you with clear KPIs (results) then perhaps it is time to question – are they the right business partner for you?

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