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Tips For Marketing To Millennials

Tips For Marketing To Millennials

Here in Australia we are seeing an ageing population. The Baby Boomers are all moving into retirement as we look for the next leaders of our economy.

Millennials have grown up using the internet and the first thing to understand is that they are no longer kids. Considered anyone between the ages of 19 and 35, millennials are now key decision makers. They own a house, they have a family and now hold a middle or upper management position at work.

This has led to a huge change in the way our potential customers consume marketing. Gone are the days of traditional advertising on TV, Radio and Newspapers as millennials don’t watch or listen to this media anymore. Online products like Facebook (for news), Netflix and Youtube (for entertainment) and Spotify (for music) is now allowing millennials to consume information on the go, when it is most suitable for them to do so. I am also willing to bet that for those of us who do watch TV, that every time you see an advert the first thing you do is “Google it” – a phrase now inducted into the dictionary.

Millennials are taking over the buying power of this country, so how do we attract this wealth to our products and services online.

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