Landing Page Designs

These days people are looking for answers. If you provide a service that customers are looking for 10 times out of 10 Google will list this page in search results.

We have found these days that some companies don’t even have a website anymore, they purely rely on well designed Landing Pages to rank in Google Searches, and drive strong call to actions resulting in lead conversions – and it works.

For example, if you are a Mortgage Broker. Google Search volumes are very high for people looking to refinance their home loans. If we develop a well designed Landing Page targeted specifically to Refinancing a Home Loan then Google will give your page a high quality score (which assists in SEO and Paid Advertising) as well as showcasing your expertise by providing quick and easy answers to your customers searching online.

landing page

We have a number of examples we can show you, and for a small once off design and development fee this sort of web strategy can become a game changer.

Landing Pages are also a great resource for specific email marketing campaigns, if you have a particular new product, commonly requested service or simply want to wish your clients a Merry Christmas, why not have a Landing Page redesigned (much cheaper then the initial setup) to help your business grow.



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